I recently read an article about learning Morse code. And that brought back many memories, I still remember the morse code for SOS (... --- ...). It made me think about learning Morse code again. But then I realised what would I use it for? Why learn something that you would not use? So would it not be "cool" to send somebody a message in morse code?

Hence I create this project to be able to send somebody a message in Morse code. That person could then try to decode it or get a bit of help in decoding the message. There are two modes. Alphabet Input allows you to write the message as you would any message and the system will encode it for you. Or if you are a pro at Morse Code, or simply don't want people looking over your shoulder and reading what you are sending then you would use the expert mode: Morse Input

All of this also rekindled a second childhood memory of playing spy games. Would it also not be cool to encode your message like they did old school with cyphers? While there are plenty of secure methods of communication, none of them are "fun". Being inspired by various encryption method, including my old time favourite: The Enigma machine. I put together an secret key encryption method (for secruity reason, I can't tell you more about the method) that securely encrypts your message and only your reciepiant with the secret key is able to decrypt it. (neither the message or secret key is saved, so if you forget it then the message remains encrypted forever). To try it out go to Alphabet Input and select the Secret Key encoding choice, and don't forget your secret key.

If you want to incorporate this in your own project, then check out the APIs that are open to be used. Feel free to play around with it and to use it.

If you have any ideas/suggestions, feedback or just tell me what you think of the system then please drop me a line.

Please Note

This system does not record any messages sent, who sent them or to whom they have been sent. There is no tracking, no following no nothing. Basically its your information, so you should keep it!.

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